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Health Effects of 9/11 Still Plague Responders and Survivors

Source: Scientific American - https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/health-effects-of-9-11-still-plague-responders-and-survivors/

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343rd FDNY member dies from 9/11 illness — matching number killed during attack: officials

As many FDNY members have now died as a result of 9/11-related illnesses as those who were killed during the terrorist attacks 22 years ago following the deaths of 2 more FDNY members this week. Read more below: 343rd FDNY member dies from 9/11 illness — matching number killed during attack: officials (nypost.com) 

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How Criterions helps the New York Firefighter Heart & Lung Institute care for 9/11 First Responders

Background Robert Brown started his career as a New York Firefighter in 1996 and worked his way up as Lieutenant at the New York Fire Department, dedicating his life to helping others. He was amongst the First Responders after the horrific 9/11 event and saw firsthand how the hazardous toxic dust and chemicals effected the rescue and volunteer team...

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First Due: Break the Chain of Catastrophe

Robert Brown, Jr., believes that first responders and officers should consider the fact that the fear of COVID-19 can be much worse than the illness itself. Robert Brown Jr., PA - New York Firefighters Heart & LungMay 1st, 2020 / Firehouse Magazine Squad 41 goes … unconscious … caller indicates victim "not breathing." OK. I understand that this...

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About Arrhythmia

Source: The American Heart Association The term "arrhythmia" refers to any change from the normal sequence of electrical impulses. The electrical impulses may happen too fast, too slowly, or erratically – causing the heart to beat too fast, too slowly, or erratically. When the heart doesn't beat properly, it can't pump blood effectively. When the h...

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Dietary Fats

Source: The American Heart Association Does my body need fats? Yes, it does. Dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and to support cell growth. They also help protect your organs and help keep your body warm. Fats help your body absorb some nutrients and produce important hormones, too. Your body definitely needs fat. How many differen...

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FDNY - WTC Health Program Wellness and Research Updates

 Below is an updated link of Fire Marshal Conrad Tinney's story of survival. We experienced some technical issues and apologize for any inconvenience to those unable to view the video yesterday. The WTC Health Program (WTCHP) and its annual monitoring exams can help identify those at risk, detect illnesses, or begin early treatment, which may ...

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Using the Situtational Awareness Cycle to See the Big Picture

Lt. Robert Brown illustrates the need to create a situational awareness cycle from the time a fire call comes in until the incident is over. Dec 16th, 2013 / Firehouse Magazine "Everybody goes! Phone alarm, first-due engine and first-due truck for fire in a commercial building at 1655 Pitkin Avenue. The fire is reported on the first floor. Critical...

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Rescuing The Rescuer: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

June 21st, 2007 / Firehouse Magazine When we experience a traumatic event our brain goes through a chemical change and the military is studying these changes in the brain with PET scans. Everybody goes fill out 10-75 (working fire). The address is 5826 Eastern Parkway and the fire is in a two-story commercial. Ladder 120 is the FAST truck (rapid in...

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